The Glass Gallery

  • Manufacturer:  Black Leaf
  • Height:  50 cm / 19.7 inch
  • Glass Thickness:  4.2 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm
  • Sand Blasted:  Yes

Blaze Glass

Blaze’ Premium Icebong made of 5mm think Pyrex glass with Ice Notches, Spiral-Percolator, Splash protection dome, Massive-Bowl, Diffuser adapter, carbplug and keck clip to fix the bong bowl (For wild smoking!). A special feature is the larger chamber with a spiral Percolator. The diameter of the Percolators is significantly larger than normal, which allows for greater smoke flow. The ‘Blaze' logo is etched & sandblasted on the bongs cylinder.

  • Manufacturer:  American Glass Works
  • Height:  40.5 cm / 16 inch
  • Glass Thickness:  5.0 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm > 14.5 mm
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Enjoy a smooth, pure smoke and watch it all happening! These baSIX Hurricane Bongs allow you to watch their revolutionary filtration system in action. It’s this system that defines the amazing quality of Hurricane Bongs.

Fine punctures are applied laterally throughout the corpus of the bong, drawing outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong rotation. As you smoke, the tar content is smeared against the glass. This process expertly purifies the taste and experience of every smoke, and ensures much less impact on the health of the smoker.

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